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Spanish For Kids: Sports, Activities and Hobbies in Spanish

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the sixth lesson in our Learn Spanish for Kids Starter Kit, Learning vocabulary for Sports, Activities and Hobbies in Spanish. I’m Elisabeth from Spanish Mama, sharing easy ideas and resources for learning Spanish as a family.

Today’s lesson teaches the Spanish words for hobbies and sports, as well as the verb “poder” (to be able to).  

Spanish Lesson 6 Goals:

the whole Learn Spanish for
Kids series to follow every lesson!

Vocabulary for Lesson 6:

If you need some help with pronunciation,
you can look up any of these phrases at SpanishDict.

There are more thorough notes in the parent
eBook to learn about verbs in Spanish, but a quick tip is that for almost of
these terms (the exceptions are jugar
juega, and dormir), duerme), you can
simply remove the “r” at the end to make it go with with he or she.

For example, “bailar” means “to dance.”
“Baila” means he or she dances. “Baila” also works as a direct command, “you
dance.” This is useful if you want to play the games described below!

To use these verbs in everyday
conversations, it’s helpful to know these terms:

Luckily, you can simply put the verbs as-is
after these phrases, and use Spanish in your daily life!

¡Vamos a leer, niños! (Let’s read, kids!)

hablar en español? (Can you take care of the baby?)

que comer. (You have to eat.)

Teaching Sports and Hobbies in Spanish

In lesson 6, we’ll explore things people
like to do, and can or can’t do.  

A. Learn Vocabulary for Hobbies and Sports

It’s easiest to learn these new terms by
acting them out. Have your kids act out the words as you say them, slowly
adding in new terms. When they’re comfortable with the vocabulary, try playing
Simon Says.

You can practice the new words by adding
them to your card games for Memory or Go Fish, or creating your own Bingo set. You
can also play a familiar outside game with a fun twist, described below:

Light, Green Light With Verbs

B. Use “Puede” and “Gustar” with The New Words

Now you can use hobbies and sports in the
context of likes and abilities.

Cut out the picture cards. Use the sorting
sheets and talk about what each person in the group can/can’t do, or
likes/doesn’t like doing. You can let each student list their activities from
favorite to least favorite too.

Use the graph from the eBook to survey
Spanish-speaking friends and family about their favorite activities. You can
ask by saying: “Cuál es tu favorito?”

You can also work these words into your
daily life by creating a weekly plan or “to-do list” that your kids can check
off as they complete their activities. (Check out the links in the eBook for a
free calendar and chore cards if you would like to expand on that idea!)


Online Spanish Lessons for Kids

We hope you enjoyed Lesson 6 from the Spanish for Kids series with Spanish Mama: Learn the Sports and Hobbies in Spanish.

Remember that printables are included for every lesson! You can access the posters, practice sheets, and vocabulary/game cards in the Family Toolkit eBook.

Make sure you check out the whole Learn Spanish for Kids series on the Bilingual Kidspot.

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