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Real Food Challenge Week 3 – Hungry Hobby


This post is going up a little later than I planned!  I’ll probably publish my fourth-trimester wrap up this weekend instead of tomorrow so make sure you check back or check your email this weekend if you are interested in reading that!

Twice I attempted to make my two ingredient pancake and twice I failed.  I would blame it on the pan but it’s really my lack of patience and time.  So I ate it as a scramble.

Definitely not as good that way, but whatever.  Most days this week I resorted to an Evol Green Chile and Cheese breakfast burrito.  Is that real food?  I mean I don’t really consider the tortilla “real food” but it meets this mamas breakfast necessity.

I’m planning to make some baked oatmeal this week so I have a healthy milk supply boosting breakfast to eat all week!

Over the weekend I ate this delicious tuna melt, I need more tuna melts in my life.

We also ate a simple steak salad.  I cooked up the steak with butter on my cast iron pan with steak seasoning, ermygawd so good!  I need to use my cast iron pan more often.

I was finally able to prep my lunches for the week when my mom came over Monday.  This spicy turkey skillet from this week’s Real Food Meal Plan was DELICIOUS!  Did anyone else make it?  I seriously loved it!

My go-to snacks are:

Sometimes for dinner, Mr. Hungry just has a spinach shake for dinner.  The beginning part of the week we had leftover steak for dinner and the last couple of days we had hemp seed crusted trout (I also made salmon) with sesame green beans. ) A delicious recipe from this week’s Real Food Meal Plan!

So not real food, but dang those girl scout cookies are good!

Challenge Wrap Up

I wasn’t perfect, I didn’t go in thinking I would be.  However, the challenge did help me from buying extra crap at the store that I got accustomed to purchasing during pregnancy like pretzels, chips, crackers, basically empty carbs.  It also helped me avoid buying extra sweets, but when your neighbor offers you girl scout cookies you got to help a sister out to meeting her sales goal!  I’m not an all or nothing person when it comes to eating, not anymore anyways. I just want to eat good food that makes me feel good and this challenge helped me eat a little cleaner, reset my taste buds from the holidays, and get more protein/produce in.  Hope it helped you guys do the same!


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