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Fourth Trimester Week 9 – Hungry Hobby


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break!  Just popping in for a short, quick update this week!

Emotional Well Being

We had family in town this week staying at our house which was so good for me. I love hanging out with the family watching movies, drinking wine and playing with the baby.   The babies weight gain wasn’t quite where the doctor wanted and that issue hit me a lot harder than I thought emotionally (see below) but I’m working through it, trying not to let my mind go to worst case scenario and staying as calm as possible.  I’m thinking about writing a whole separate post on low breastmilk supply at some point in the future because beyond the physical issue there are a ton of emotional issues that go along with it.



We are getting stretches of 4-7 hours at a time which was bliss.  Usually, I lengthen his sleep by using the techniques I learned in the Taking Cara Babies Newborn class, however, since his weight gain is borderline I’ll be feeding him on demand during the night instead of trying to get him to go back to sleep using her techniques.


Love that Map My Walk has photos!  I try to snap a photo after every walk when I end the “workout” I think it will be fun to see all the miles we clocked together and how he grows over time in the photos!

I overdid it a little bit jumping into things which caused a sore hip during the weekend.  Luckily I’ve been through enough physical therapy I knew how to get it back to good.  Now I’m planning to ease into things a bit more.  I also decided I’m not a huge fan of stroller workouts, I’d rather walk and then workout in my gym (we put enough work into designing that thing and equipping it!)  I’ll likely keep using Post Baby Bod as a template but split the workouts up instead of doing the stroller workouts.

Friday (12/21) – Stroller workout from Post Baby Bod

Saturday (12/22)- Off

Sunday (12/23) – Off

Wednesday (12/26)


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