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75 Best Hunting Tattoo Designs and Ideas – Hobby Commitment (2018)


75 Attractive Hunting Tattoo Designs and Ideas – Hobby Commitment (2018)

Hunting is very common in many cultures what differs is what they hunt. There are some people who hunt to empower themselves economically while others hunt for fun. They love the activity and always get time to go and hunt. Some even take hunting as a sport.

Due to the love and passion they have towards hunting, they choose to have tattoos having elements associated with hunting. These tattoos with these elements are referred to as hunting tattoos. They are nice tattoos that may appear simple but having an elegant look.


Meaning of Hunting tattoos

One of the main meanings of hunting tattoos is power. A hunter considers that he is powerful once he is able to catch the animal that is hostile or one that is difficult to catch. In some cultures still, hunters are considered powerful people.

Therefore, people wear these types of tattoos to show that they are powerful. For instance, a boxer may wear this type of tattoo to show he is powerful and he is able to hunt down all his opponents.

Another significance meaning of hunting tattoos is dominance. For a hunter may it be a person or another animal that hunts to catch its target, it must be dominant. Therefore, people see the hunting tattoos as a sign of dominance.

The people who feel they have dominated in any way use this tattoo as a symbolism of dominance.

Hunting tattoos are flexible since they can be placed in different parts of the body. These tattoos can be placed in different position on the arm like the upper sleeve, the forearm, the wrist and on the hand. For designs that are large, they are placed at the back and some on the chest.

These tattoos are also favorable for both men and women.

This is a type of hunting tattoo whereby the main element is the arrow. The arrow is used by many in hunting especially for those who does it in the tradition way. This tattoo consist only an arrow painted on the hand. It is a simple tattoo but looks cool.

This tattoo is common among the Native Americans. It consists of a skull of an antelope with two crossing arrows. The skull consists of the head with two huge horns whereby each horn has some branching horns.

The tattoo is also done in different colors unlike the arrow hunting tattoo which is only done in black. This tattoo looks nice when placed on the sleeve of the hand.

This is a special type of hunting tattoos. It consists of a deer or an antelope or any other animal that is hunted. A phrase is added to this tattoo on top of it, beneath it or inside. The common phrase is “in Memory Dad”. This tattoo is mainly used to remember a father who used to go for hunting but died.

This makes it a memorial tattoo. It is also a cool tattoo.

This is a tattoo that is common among the duck hunters. Duck hunters have strong bond between them. This tattoo is comprised of the shape of one big duck which is done mainly in black. Beneath it, small ducks are drawn in a curved line. “Quack addict” phrase is also added at the bottom.

It is very elegant tattoo. Men mainly place this tattoo on one side of the chest. It shows togetherness that is there between hunters. The together ness is evident from the group of small ducks in the tattoo.

This is a tattoo that appears best when placed on the hand. The tattoo consists of the head of a deer. The head is drawn on the middle finger and the horns are drawn on the hard. The horns are drawn in such a way they look like they have branches. This tattoo is mainly done in black. It can be worn by both men and women.

This tattoo is also special because it consists of the image of a hunter himself. A Native American hunter image consists of a man with long hair aiming at a certain target using a gun. This image is also done in black. Since this tattoo is huge, it is best placed at the back or on the chest since it requires a lot of space.

This is another tattoo that has the image of a person. It consists of the image of a man dressed in a cap and kneeling down with one knee aiming at a certain target using a bow and an arrow. This tattoo brings out the image of a traditional hunter. It is also done in black color or dull colors.

Surprisingly, this tattoo is placed on the leg. Therefore, you would require an expert to make this tattoo on your leg considering this is a huge tattoo and the leg could be small.

This is one of the simple hunting tattoos we have. This design just consists of an arrow and bow. It can be placed anywhere since this tattoo is not huge. It is basically done in one color mainly black. However, some other dull colors close to black can be used.

Traditional hunters could not leave their dogs behind while they went for hunting. This tattoo consists of the head of a dog basically done in a simple manner without many decorations. It is simple but still an elegant tattoo.

This consists of a bear in an ocean or sea fishing. It is also a hunting tattoo as it reflects a bear hunting fish. This is mainly placed at the back.

Hunting tattoos are not so complicated but they look nice. They elegant and if you love hunting or you like to be associated with hunters, then it would be a nice type of tattoo to wear. It may not have much significance to people but looks good when one wear it.


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