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Water softening at the shower level?


Hello, awesome plumbing people!

We have very hard water. There’s an ancient Culligan-style softener in the cellar that we don’t use( it’s at the least 50 years old, hasn’t been maintained in 20+ ). None of us cared too much about the hard water, until we got a new roommate who’s a senior.

He maintained devoting dire warnings about all our tubes and gadgets being destroyed by hard water if we don’t install a softener. I know mineral buildup is a thing, but we’ve never had any plumbing issues( aside from occasionally replacing faucets, etc ). Nobody who’s ever lived here has mentioned a problem with the hard water. Am I correct in presuming his fears of the house’s plumbing being imminently destroyed are overblown?

After a house meeting, it seems like his REAL issue is that hard water dries out his skin and he hates it. That’s understandable, and we’d probably be open to installing a whole-house system to accommodate him …. BUT I have several freshwater aquaria, and that would severely mess up my mojo, necessitating many extra hours of work each week, and buying more aquarium stuff. I try to keep the expense and hassle down so my husband never gets annoyed by my pastimes 😀

I’d like to avoid putting in a whole-house system if possible.

I’ve found a variety of inline filters that you can put before the shower head, to supposedly filter the water. If they work, I could throw one in the upstairs bathroom to mollify Older Roommate. They induce extravagant claims of magically stimulating your hard water better for your scalp, but skimming the fine print, they just mention removing chlorine and “heavy metals.” That doesn’t sound like it would actually help with the MASSIVE amounts of calcium and magnesium in our water.

Anybody out there have any experience with these types of product? Do they work at all? Is there any alternative I can pursue to provide soft water to some, but not all of the house? I just require the kitchen sink to stay hard, and I’ll be happy.

Or if anyone has another idea that might help me, I’d super appreciate it! I know I could use an outdoor faucet for non-softened water, but that won’t cut it in the winter. Our basement sink comes after the softener( at least in the current setup ). The holy grail I’m go looking for is water where I can change the temperature to create warm water( which seems to rule out RODI) without sodium. Ideally, it would be on the first floor and still have all the minerals, but theoretically I can add them back if there’s no other option.

Thanks so much for any help you guys can offer, and always being a super helpful subreddit full of great info! I’m a very satisfied lurker.

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