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Healing Techniques to Start the Year off Feeling Strong


healing-techniques-start-new-year-strong-elements-massage-wellness-newsHealing the intellect and body is a continuous process that requires you to be conscientious about your thoughts, feelings and feelings. To help you start the New Year feeling strong both mentally and physically, Components Massage is sharing some mending techniques for promoting overall health and well-being that are easy to incorporate into your regular routine.

Let the Bubbles Take You Away

Built up tension and stress over day can quickly weigh you down and ultimately induce “youre feeling” wholly overwhelmed. To help minimize the effects of stressors in their own lives, it’s important to discover techniques to release tension and unwind on a regular basis. One relaxing way to mend the mind and body is by taking regular bubble baths. Soaking in Epsom salt baths will not only help to heal stiff, sore muscles, but it also can warm your heart and release tension too.

Treat Your Sweet Tooth

This time of year many people hold a common mind defined of stopping a habit and taking away favorite things like foods, drinks and hobbies. So, it may feel a little counterintuitive to think about treating yourself to something like chocolate to promote overall health and wellness. However, many studies have revealed that eating darknes chocolate with high levels of cacao can positively affect your mind and body. The healthy chemicals found in dark chocolate- flavonoids and theobromine- have been linked to helping reduce stress, promote heart health, reduce blood pressure and even help with weight loss. The catch, though, is only eating a quantity of darknes chocolate and constructing sure that cacao makes up at least 70 percent of the chocolate you choose.

Stretch Regularly to Relax Your Muscles, Mind

Whether you live an active lifestyle or not, your muscles can easily become sore and tight before you know it. To keep your body feeling good and loose, it can be helpful to stretching on a daily basis. Early in the morning after you rise for the day can be a great time for some sunlight stretching to prepare your intellect and body for the working day ahead of you. Or, nighttime stretching can be a great before bed routine to soothe and relax your body in preparation for a good night’s remainder. If you aren’t sure where to start with a regular stretching routine, ask your massage therapist during your next session to give you a set of stretchings that can address your specific tight muscle areas.

Elements Massage is dedicated to helping you mend your intellect and body not only during a massage therapy conference, but in all regions of the daily routine of your life as well. Every client who receives a massage at Elements is given a bag of Epsom salts and a dark chocolate treat to take home so the healing benefits of your session continue its work long after your massage. To keep your intellect and body feeling strong during the New Year, visit www.elementsmassage.com to find the Element studio closest to you.

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