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Game of Thrones’ Isaac Hempstead Wright Says It’s Been ‘Difficult to Make Friends’ at College


While going off to college is a time when many students form lifelong relationships, its own experience proved to be more difficult for Game of Thrones superstar Isaac Hempstead Wright.

Weeks before the eighth and final season of GoT premieres on April 14, 19 -year-old Wright spoke with Esquire U.K . about the HBO series coming to an aim — and how playing Bran Stark has impacted his off-camera life, specifically entering the university scene.

“I walked in and this daughter simply looked at me. And I was like:’ Hello’, and they were like’ Hi (!) ’. I went down to get some more stuffs and when I came back, they’d had like a flat meeting to say: Oh my deity, what the f– is going on, ” Wright said of starting school at the University of Birmingham. “We ran for dinner and they didn’t actually say anything until, eventually, one of their mates was like:’ So apparently you’re in Game of Thrones ?! ’ I went out to some awful club night, and it was just … a massacre.”

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After beginning school, Wright said that he received an influx of emails from the student body.

“Because your email is public domain, I got like, billions of emails from people going:’ Hi Three-Eyed Raven! ’ I was just trying to find out where my next lecturing was, ” he told the outlet.( Read the full interview on Esquire U.K.’s website ).

Although Wright said that he “had the nicest flatmates, ” he quickly realized that he wouldn’t be able to have the same experience as many fellow students due to him starring on the drama.

“But it made it quite difficult to make friends. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have a normal university experience, which is kind of sad, ” he explained.

Wright added that he “couldn’t relax and used to go and have a drinking or get drunk or whatever, because if I did someone would be like:’ I find Bran and he was all f–ed up.’ ”

“I was a bit of a hermit, ” he told Esquire U.K. “My ex-girlfriend came up to visit and we just sat in my room for a week.”

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Prior to becoming a celebrity, Wright said that he “was just a typical kid.”

“Hanging out in the timbers. Playing football, ” he said in the interview. “I grew up properly in the countryside proper — nothing there , no stores or anything. Even when the display started to get big, my friends were too young to watch it. It was actually all the teachers who were big fans — it gave me a lot of kudos with them.”

In 2016, the English actor opened up about his rather advanced hobbies: particle physics and classical piano.

“I’ve gone through various interests, before physics it was neuroscience and how the brain works, ” Wright told PEOPLE of his off-screen interests. “Through that, I had a fantastic physics educator at my school, he is a really smart guy and I would talk to him in general about things that might link to neuroscience and before I knew it he was telling me about other interesting ideas and I got into the whole idea of particle physics and that fascinated me.”

Wright’s interest in the subject led to a visit to the world’s biggest particle accelerator in Sur, Switzerland, but he said at the time that he wanted to study physics as a pastime versus a possible career path.

“I’ve kind of been flitting between what I suppose I want to do, what I should do, what I shouldn’t do, so I’m not so sure anymore if physics is something I want to do with my life but I find it fascinating to read about and to understand, ” said Wright. “My interest likely stops there, I don’t believe I’d be good enough to or have the patience to do full period. It’s a topic I find truly engaging because we know so little about it. It’s constantly evolving and changing.”

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His true passion, though, is music — specifically, playing the piano.

“My mom forced me to play the piano for a while, and I disliked it, ” he recalled to PEOPLE. “I didn’t actually want to play classical pieces, I wanted to learn whatever was in the charts. And merely by chance, I picked up this score that was lying about at my home. It was a piece by Handel which I knew and it was one piece of classical music I believed,’ This is quite catchy.’ And I believed,’ Oh wow, I can actually play this.’ I didn’t believe I actually could. So then I went on a quest to find difficult looking pieces to play. But the classical stuff is not the only thing I play. I have quite an eclectic savor, ranging from everything from jazz to indie to rock and roll.”

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