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Community Post: Reasons Why Facebook Makes You Hate Life


1. You see photos of your friends hanging out. And you weren’t even invited.

“When did you plan THIS?”

2. That mutual friend who tags everyone at the party…except you.

“Hey wait, I was there too…”

3. When people like your friend’s humorous comment on your status, but they don’t your status.


4. When someone writes a snarky comment on your status and people like it.


5. You spend way too much time looking at every single photo of your ex’s new significant other.

“Is she prettier than me? She’s not prettier than me, right?”

6. Engagements. Weddings. Babies.

“Fuck you all.” *runs off sobbing*

7. Seeing your career rival snag your dream job.

“Wow. I am a complete and utter failure.”

8. When someone’s status gets 192 likes.

“I don’t even have that many friends…I’m such a loser.”

9. That moment you realize someone has deleted you as a friend.

“Why do you hate me?! What did I do wrong? Are my statuses boring? Offensive? I can’t handle this rejection!”

10. Everyone is better than you, it seems.

“Everyone is skinnier than me. Prettier than me. Richer than me. Happier than me. I pretty much suck at life.”

11. And finally, the main reason Facebook makes you so damn miserable is because you don’t realize that it’s fake.

You spend almost every waking moment on Facebook, checking the likes on your statuses and laughing at stupid memes posted by people you barely said two words to in high school. Think about how much you would have accomplished right now if Facebook had not been invented. Would you have spent those wasted hours writing a novel instead? Learning how to cook? Discovering a new hobby? Perhaps. But you’ll never know. Because your life isn’t real anymore. Your reality is now a fake little world where people only let you see what they want you to see. It makes you miserable, yet you can’t live without it. Funny thing is, it makes everybody else miserable too. All those people you envy actually think you have it better. Oh, the irony.

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